The answer is yes, and inside that Master's Step at Giza I proved that with out a shadow of my work with Irish round towers, I created product easy and corrugated round towers that answer the paramagnetic-infrared feeling of the individual marble will be the most paramagnetic rock that I have actually calculated-using an instrument called a magnaprobe. Use some record or, ultimately, glue: to glue the sides of the pyramid to create an adverse ion making pyramid with therapeutic sizes orgone pyramid. A great scale-model of the Cheops Pyramid (King Khufuis Pyramid) in color, wanting the same as the initial while in the original sizes of the actual Good Chart. Drill 4 slots in the 4 pipes that sort the top of the chart at the top of each pipe and 4 openings at each of the 4 pipes' bottom that type the top: the holes must face the same side.

A normal rectangular pyramid is dependent upon its medial right pie, whose tips would be the chart's apothem (a), semi-foundation (n), and peak (h); the face area inclination position can be designated. A pyramid in which the apothem (slant level along the bisector of the face) is add up to Phi times the partial-base (half the bottom width) is sometimes called a golden pyramid.

A nearly equivalent chart shape, but with rational dimensions, is explained in the Mathematical Papyrus (a large's foundation Element of modern knowledge of historic Egyptian mathematics), based on the 3:4:5 pie; the facial skin pitch equivalent to the viewpoint with tangent 4/3 is 53.13 levels (53 degrees and 8 minutes). The Chart phenomenon's are proven; however, the reasons because of it can't be defined medically.